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United Kingdom Law Articles
Information About Family Law

The parties to a marriage must be separated for a continuous period of more than 12 months before making an Application for Divorce.

The parties are given one opportunity to reconcile for a period of up to 3 months without nullifying a prior period of separation. If the parties separate again within 3 months of their attempt to reconcile, they can use the prior period of separation toward the 12 month total required for the filing of an Application for Divorce. [...]

What A Family Lawyer Can Get

A family lawyer deals with issues that affect family members; their aim is to resolve such issues in accordance with the law - notwithstanding their represented family member's best interest.

In addition to legal advice and the assessment of your litigated decisions, a family lawyer negotiates and institutes legal action on your behalf; they check merits for and against your case so as to determine the surest course of action. The lawyer executes all correspondence with the 3rd party and prepares your court pleadings.

It's not uncommon to find family lawyers with well developed counselling skills, as this can be useful when one or more of their clients is undergoing an emotional ordeal resulting from a highly disputed divorce proceeding or a drawn-out custody case.[...]

What Divorce Lawyer Probaly Do?

A divorce lawyer handles divorce proceedings on behalf of one partner against their lawfully recognised spouse. They institute legal claims for any accrued assets and other family law rights - such as spousal support and child custody - deemed to be in the interest of the party represented.

What does a Divorce Lawyer do?

They draft and issue a summons on behalf of the plaintiff to be issued by the court to commence divorce proceedings.Make legal representation on behalf of the sued defendant who's summonsed to appear before court.They establish grounds for the dissolution of matrimony where necessary; however a no-fault system such as our own won't necessitate this (but if the issuing of child resident rights favours one parent over another, a divorce lawyer will demonstrate grounds for this ranging from 'alcoholism', 'violence, 'instability' and so forth.[...]

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